We’re a wedding catering and outdoor event catering company located near York, North Yorkshire, perfectly situated to serve the entire Yorkshire region. With easy access to numerous motorways, we frequently travel up and down, offering hog roasts in Leeds and barbecues in Hull. Our services extend as far north as Darlington and as far south as Chesterfield, covering all areas in between.

Established in 2006, we quickly became one of Yorkshire’s preferred specialist outdoor caterers. Our specialty lies in providing large-scale, professional barbecue and hog roast catering services to consistently high standards. We take pride in using only the finest free-range and locally sourced ingredients across all our menus.

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Recently we have won ‘The North of England Wedding Awards – Caterers Category and Finalists in the ‘England and Wales Food Awards for our Outstanding Outside Catering Services’ Winners of the Gold Wedding Award with Bridebook and Winners of The Lux Wedding Awards for best Wedding Caterer in Yorkshire.

Enough about us, our real claim to fame comes from our amazing hog supplier, and her stunning free range hogs, which are a special crossbreed, and is thought to be in the top 1% to 2% of high quality free range pork in the country, having won the prestigious Good Pig Award in 2021, and attained the Supreme Champion Award from Deliciously Yorkshire, there is no doubt that these are indeed very high quality hog, that once tasted, speak for themselves.

Happy Hogs Catering is continuously striving to develop new and exciting menus that will continue to push the boundaries of culinary innovation.

Having said all this, you can pull apart our menus, and mix them up, taking elements in and out to suit your budget, your taste, and your specific requirements. Feel free to email us; info@happyhogscatering.co.uk, or phone us07936 401867, to chat about this. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Happy Hogs Catering Yorkshire uses quality award winning hog roasts. Happy Hogs Catering believe that quality and perfection really does matter so here  you can certainly taste the difference with our free range barbecue and hog roast catering the finest the regions seen and home to some of the finest food ever tasted! When we use the term fine food we’re talking amazing free range outdoor reared freedom speciality bred Yorkshire Hog Roasts cooked to perfection by our chefs. Perfect for any occasion or event we provide free range pulled pork hog roast born and bred in Yorkshire, and our other fabulous types of catering are also perfect for birthdays, corporate events and an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional wedding meal  with our succulent pulled pork hog roast adding a new meaning to the term wedding feast! We guarantee some of the best elite meat you’ve ever tasted and you’ll soon realise why our free range Yorkshire hog roasts are booked for a wide range of events and special occasions.

So why should you opt for Happy Hogs Catering Yorkshire when hiring a Hog Roast? Hog roasts are all about the smell of sizzling crackling and meat,  it is the closest thing to culinary heaven there is – and we bring out the pure unadulterated flavour of free range hog roasts Yorkshire, the meat enhanced with the lightest of seasoning so you appreciate the incredible flavour of our specially bred pigs. Reared outdoors and locally sourced hog roasts Yorkshire, our pigs produce some of the best-tasting finest meat ever squished between two halves of a bun. We don’t rush our hog roasts – each one is slow roasted to let the meat simply fall off the bone, ready to be served straight into our freshly baked bread buns whether you’re having your hog roast in Leeds or York our high standard remains the same and at really great prices too.

Happy Hogs Catering Yorkshire is suitable for any party or event planners who like good food! If the thought of our mouth-watering elite free range hog roast Yorkshire hasn’t made you hungry – perhaps our prices will, we don’t charge more for hog roast or barbecue catering at weddings than any other type of event and we think that you will be surprised to find that our prices are very reasonable with a range of menus to meet your needs and no matter where you live in Yorkshire, Leeds, York, Hull or what your budget is we will be happy to work with you to adapt our hog roast and barbecue menus to suit your individual requirements. Happy Hogs Catering is here to offer you the very best catering options possible and now offer as an extra treat for guests smooth and decadent real Belgian fudge from the Gourmet Fudge Co, speak to us directly about this extra option.

Take a little time to look through our site and feel free to email us to enquire or book our amazing pulled pork hog roast or our Yorkshire BBQ caterers for your next celebration!

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Winners of ‘The North of England Wedding Awards, The Lux Wedding Awards and Bridebook Wedding Awards – Caterers Category Happy Hogs Catering is pleased to have now won many various wedding industry awards in the catering category, going up against many Yorkshire and national catering specialists and we thank all of our clients who have voted for us in these prestigious awards. Our hog roast hire and barbecue services in Yorkshire are exceptional, from the professional polite uniformed staff that have both experience and food hygiene certificates to the award-winning elite quality free range meat that we use in all our barbecue menus all prepared in clean professional premises, regularly inspected by the EHO and maintain a 5 out of 5 star rating with full public liability insurance. We have a broad portfolio of clients we regularly provide outside catering for, from; Coca-Cola to Warburtons and many many individuals for which we have done wedding catering and party catering allowing them to relax and enjoy themselves knowing that they are in the safest of hands that won’t let them down. Our talented team of dedicated Yorkshire Hog Roasters and Barbeque Caterers work diligently all year round to develop new and exciting menus that can be carried out in just about any surroundings and for any occasion for many hog roast hire occasions in  Leeds, Hull and York areas. Our crisp free-range hog roasts are the closest thing to culinary heaven we can think of as we bring out the amazing flavours of our elite award-winning free-range pigs and prepare some of the finest meat for our special bbq menus which is why our customers keep coming back to us over and over again for some of the finest bbq catering food ever tasted in Yorkshire.

Contact our Catering Team for a Quote: Mobile: 07936 401867 Email: info@happyhogscatering.co.uk